Springboro’s Parkside Row Homeowner Testimonial: Meet John!

catapult Homeowner Tesimonial

At Simms Development, we don’t like the idea that stress is considered “the norm” when it comes to buying a new home. In fact, we believe that this experience should be the opposite of stressful — so we’ve redefined the entire process and turned it into something exciting, rewarding, and fun. (Yes, we said fun!) From the moment we meet …

Homeowners, Stefan and Natalie, Share Their Simms Story!

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Can you fall in love with a house, a developer, and a salesperson all at the same time? It happened to us. We were in town for a job interview, excited about the possibility of moving back close to family in Dayton. But having previously lived in Chicago, Minneapolis, and most recently Denver, we were frankly a little uncertain about …