Springboro’s Parkside Row Homeowner Testimonial: Meet John!

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At Simms Development, we don’t like the idea that stress is considered “the norm” when it comes to buying a new home. In fact, we believe that this experience should be the opposite of stressful — so we’ve redefined the entire process and turned it into something exciting, rewarding, and fun. (Yes, we said fun!)

From the moment we meet to the moment we hand over your keys, we want you to feel confident every step of the way. After all, settling into a brand new Simms Development home means a world of happiness and new memories just ahead, so why should the road to move-in day be any less enjoyable?

We sat down with one of our happy homeowners who loved every minute of his experience working with our team! He wanted to share his story and give a “behind-the-scenes” look into what it’s like to build with us. Below, in his own words, John discusses the easy and enjoyable process of settling into his dream home in our Parkside Row community. 

How did you discover Simms Development to begin with?

Someone was selling their home on Redfin, and from there, I ended up on a page with a similar home. I then found Simms’ logo and went to the website. The rest is history!

What exactly were you looking for in terms of a home and a builder?

At this stage, my biggest focus was to find something with better design and better quality. I was previously renting and especially wanted a space that I could make my own for my wife and myself based on our lifestyle. Most of all, I wanted a reliable builder with a long-standing reputation that I could truly rely on.

Why did you choose Simms over other builders? Had you looked at other builders?

About a year earlier, I started to look at other builders… they definitely lacked information on their site, specifically pricing and process, that Simms had available.

Why did you choose Parkside Row in Springboro?

I did an analytics trend and this area was trending consistently based on property values, community reviews, schools, parks, and more. Toward the end of my search, these were a few reasons I went with this community!

What exceeded your expectations?

We were definitely impressed with the walk-through inspection after our townhome was built. Charlie did our inspection, and addressed each and every concern and question we had. He also made sure that everything met our quality standards BEFORE closing AND during our 30 day re-inspection after closing.

In what way was Robi your sales person most helpful?

When we first visited the model homes, Robi showed us the model and the townhouse complex — he was patient, considerate, and didn’t try to push us into a sale. He focused on our needs and let us decide what was a good fit for us. It was refreshing to know that he was equally as interested in providing me a quality product.

What has been your favorite part of living in your new home and why?

I’ve been living in my home for 2 months now and I’m enjoying the area the most because of its close proximity to commercial sites without being in the middle of them!

What part of the process went the smoothest?

With the complexity involved with purchasing a home for the first time, it was the consistent communication with one another that made everything work well. I would absolutely recommend Simms to someone looking for a new home! Definitely take a look for yourself; you’ll have no worries about being pressured. Their work speaks for itself.

All of us at Simms Development want to thank John for such a great experience! We enjoyed working with him, and we’re so happy to hear how much he loves his new home. For more information about our process and what it’s like to build with us, please visit our testimonials page or call 937-434-9009 for more information.

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