5 Steps to a Seamless Move

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D”There’s a stage in unpacking during household moves when it feels like I’m auditioning for Hoarders.

For weeks I say “Just go around it”. “



Follow these 5 steps to ensure a seamless move.

1. Avoid the leading mistake everyone makes! Don’t move useless items just because you already own it.  Consider the needs of your new space and the lifestyle you have chosen by moving there. Are you downsizing or coming from an apartment? What does the new home set-up look like and do some of your belongings become a burden versus something you really need. Make some time to do a closet purge or go through your storage space to get rid of anything that does not serve a purpose in your new home. For those items you need to decide if you should donate, recycle, sell, or toss it!

2. Let’s get organized! Creating a detailed checklist will ensure steps are not missed or done out of order, saving you time and stress. Start with an inventory so you know what you have and what your needs will be for supplies, moving truck size, and number of trips. Make sure to note any valuables and keep track of their whereabouts and condition during the move. You should also establish a list of who you will need to notify and update records for your new address. This should include the major places such as a DMV, Post Office, Banks/Credit Cards, and Utilities but also schools, insurance companies, local memberships, voter registration, pet registration, medical offices and wherever you get your prescriptions.


3.  Now that you know what you have it’s time to buy those boxes, sharpies, tape, bubble wrap, and any other other protective materials. You may want to consider color coding or another system for labeling boxes for what rooms they will go to and the types of items in each box. Additionally, determine if you want to utilize containers you already have such as laundry bins, suitcases, totes, and any original boxes for your electronics or kitchen appliances before using any purchased moving boxes. If you are not hiring a moving company, you may want to take into consideration what you will need for moving blankets to protect your furniture during transit. Pro-Trick: use twine under the tape and leave one end exposed to grab and pull for a knife free unboxing!

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4. Don’t let packing overwhelm you. Begin packing at least a month before your official moving date, giving you time to do a little each day. Take pictures of how your electronics are hooked up before unplugging anything, this will help when you go to reconnect again. Be sure to place any liquids in bags or plastic wraps to prevent messes should there be a spill. Do not pack hazardous materials together! Bleach, Ammonia, Paints/Varnishes, fire extinguishers, and batteries should be packed with care to not interact with one another. Pro-Tip: keep a separate overnight bag with all of your essentials and a few changes of clothes, this will help to avoid any chaotic searches for your toothbrush and charging cables!

5. Moving Day! Designate a person to take charge and keep everyone organized. They should direct the movers on what to grab and where to put it. If you have hired professionals, this will save you money by making the process faster. If you have kids, pets, and/or houseplants be sure to make arrangements ahead of time or plan for the extra steps to balance their needs and whereabouts. An overlooked element to a smooth moving day is food. Be sure to eat a good meal before you begin, you don’t want to move on an empty stomach! If it’s hot out, you might want to have a cooler accessible with drinks to keep everyone hydrated. Plan for what you what you will eat afterward! Go ahead and eat out or order in since all of your food and kitchen items will be in boxes.

Following these steps will ensure a seamless and stress-free move to your new home!


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