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  • 1903
  • 1942-1945
  • 1954
  • 1957
  • 1983
  • 1992
  • 1995
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  • Four Generations of Homebuilders

    In 1903 the Wright Brothers practiced flying at Simms Station, the Simms family farm. Since then, Dayton’s history and the Simms name have been intertwined. Four generations of homebuilders in the Dayton area have established the Simms Tradition that is recognized throughout the building industry.

  • Quality Comes First

    Alexander Simms, a major developer in the south and east Dayton areas, pioneered the Simms Tradition of “Quality Comes First”. In a move ahead of the times, Alex’s wife, Dorothy, ran the business for 3 years while he served as a fighter pilot in World War II.

  • Practical Builder Award 1954


    Awarded to W.A. Simms For Excellence In Merchandising Of Homes 1954

    Presented At National Association Of Home Builders Convention January 17, 1955 in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Charles V. Simms Development Founded

    In 1957 Charles V. Simms founded Charles V. Simms Development and continued the Simms Tradition in single family, condominium, and apartment development.

  • Charles H. Simms Joins the Team

    Starting in 1983 working with his son, Charles H. Simms, they have offered innovative home designs in the most desirable locations.

  • Oakwood Register Cover

    Simms’ Monument Walk in Downtown Dayton was featured on the Distinctive Homes cover in the Oakwood Register. It featured a full article on Dayton’s newest luxury addresses brought to you by Charles Simms Development.

  • National Multi-Family Builder of the Year

    National Association of Home Builders and National Multi-Family Builder of the Year

  • A New Era in the Simms Tradition

    A new era began in 1996 with Charles H. Simms carrying on the Simms Tradition by purchasing his father’s company. Now, thirty years later, Charles H. Simms has built over 1500 homes, townhomes and condos and continues to provide the “Quality Comes First” leadership the Simms Family is known for in Dayton and the Miami Valley.

  • Home Builders Association of Dayton and the Miami Valley

    Charles H. Simms
    Home Builders Association of Dayton and the Miami Valley

  • Ohio Home Builders Association

    Charles H. Simms
    Ohio Home Builders Association

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

    Charles H. Simms
    Recipient of the 2009 McDaniels Zengel Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Service to the Homebuilding Industry and the Community

  • Regional and National Awards

    Home Builders Association of Dayton and the Miami Valley–Industry Pioneer Award 2010; Builder Member of the Year 2004 and 2013

    National Association of Home Builders–National Multi-Family Builder of the Year 1995

  • Ohio Builder Magazine Cover

    Written while Charles Simms was president of the Ohio Home Builders Association, this article focused on Charles’ plans for the upcoming year concerning the association.

  • Our Experienced New Home Sales Professionals

    Robi Simms, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Charles Simms Development has been selling homes for Simms Development for 2 years at the award winning Parkside Row community. With a wealth of knowledge of the building process and practices, he is now selling at Savannah Place at Yankee Trace and Monument Walk in Downtown Dayton. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Dayton Home Builders Association since 2015. Current Vice President of the Dayton HBA in 2019 and has been the membership chairman for the Ohio Home Builders Association since 2017. Growing up in the home building industry, Robi has naturally learned what it means to meet the demands of today’s homebuyers.

    Karri Sizemore started working as an assistant in 2003. Eventually Karri became the sales representative for Cinnamon Ridge and sold out the first section. Flash forward 10 years, Karri has returned and taken on the role of Sales Representative of The Cottages of Beavercreek. Karri has also been named Simms Development’s sales person of the year in 2018 for her continued success in selling new homes to happy homeowners.

  • Dayton B2B Magazine Cover

    The Dayton B2B article focused on highlighting successful Simms communities as the country was coming out of the recession.

  • Best of Ohio Homes Award Winner

    Continuing tradition of an award winning Builder, Charles Simms Development was the winner of the ‘Best Condo/Townhome’ in Ohio in 2017 for Monument Walk in Downtown Dayton. The ‘Best of Ohio Homes’ represents all builders throughout the entire state of Ohio.


The Simms Team

president charles simms
Charles H. Simms


Wende Gard
Wende Gard

Accounts Payable

Tracey Butt
Tracey Butt

VP Accounting & Finance

Robi Simms
Robi Simms

Vice President

Jody Cornett
Jody Cornett

VP of Production

Rachel Lochtefeld
Rachel Lochtefeld

Customer Care Service Director, Marketing Assistant

Crosby Simms
Crosby Simms

Field Superintendent

Trina Brown
Trina Brown

Purchasing Manager

Bronwyn Graham-Duteil
Bronwyn Graham-Duteil

Sales Representative