Creating Daily Peace in Dayton

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That word means so many things to different people.  Peace plays a role not only in our daily lives but for the long-term viability of our society.  How do we achieve peace and how can individuals do their part is such a huge undertaking?

Charles H. Simms is a Dayton Rotary member and on the Rotary’s peace committee.  He recently attended an event with Ambassador Tony Hall as the speaker.

If you want to change the world it can start with just one kind word or small act of kindness.  A please or thank you while you’re shopping.  Letting someone go in front of you in traffic.  Open a door for someone.  Volunteer at a church or a community event.  Be kind to all your family members and neighbors.  Treat everyone you come across with respect.

One recent example of a peace initiative in Dayton was the Gem City Market on Salem Avenue.  Dayton was home to the largest food desert east of the Mississippi River.  Hunger causes major stress in families and communities.  Dayton Rotary was one of the first organizations to contribute a large donation and now, three years later, the grocery store is open and thriving.  Our community came together and made a huge step towards peace in our entire community.

Building relationship with your neighbors and co-workers creates community.  Communities stick together and help each other in rough times.  Being engaged and present in your daily life will take us all closer to Peace.

To learn more about Ambassador Tony Hall and his peace workings go to For more information on the Gem City Market go to, and how you can get involved with the Rotary Club of Dayton go to

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