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Today’s homeowner is asking for tech features that offer more convenience to their everyday lives. Many of these smart-home devices became even more increasingly popular during the pandemic as time spent at home provided homeowners the opportunity to explore their benefits. Simms Development has quickly picked up on this fact and has actually been an innovator of home standards for over 6 decades in the Miami Valley. These items, or conveniences, are items that should be standard in every home built today.

Early on, Simms Development recognized the kind of modern conveniences that new homeowners wanted in a new home. The tradition began back in 1959 when Charles V. Simms began including telephone pre-wiring as a standard feature. “You can’t ignore what people want”, he said, along with the common sense of concealing wires inside the walls with only neat outlet plates visible.

Charles V. Simms – Dayton Daily News – December 1959

Today Simms now includes the following tech features as standard with each new home we build:

1. Local Hardwired Internet Network Prewire – Cat 5E/6 internet prewire throughout the home. Central locations include Spectrum Cable coax, AT&T fiber (Cottages of Beavercreek only), ethernet gang finish plate, & 120 V outlet. If you’ve read this far on this new item, you probably are extremely excited for this to be included in your new home. If not, you will find this is an incredible convenience for steaming at better than Wifi connections.
2. Genie WiFi Garage Door Opener –  Know when your garage door has been opened or closed. You can also open your garage door while at work for a friend.
3. Nest WiFi Thermostat – Manage your homes temperature and efficiency from your bedside or across the globe.
4. Schlage WiFi Front Door DeadboltEasily know when your front door is unlocked or unlock for a guest while you’re away from home or still getting ready.
5. USB-A & USB-C Charger on Kitchen Island Outlet – one USB-A & USB-C outlet on the kitchen island. Now we will turn your living space into a clutter-free charging station.
6. EV Charger Prewire – prewire and blank plate in garages. 60 AMP wiring. We know the world is moving towards electric powered and AI controlled vehicles. We are giving you the leg up when the time is right for you.

This is a new era of maintenance free living, coupled with the technology that is now included, a tradition that Charles V. Simms began back in the 50s. We are proud to give buyers something that they want, a simpler, more convenient life with each new home we build.

Construction will begin as early as July at The Gables of Huber Heights, offering one and two story patio homes homes for those interested in a low-maintenance lifestyle. (Pictured L-R) Robi Simms, Vice President of Simms Development, alongside Crosby Simms, Field Superintendent; after presenting to the Huber Heights Planning Commission in April.

Robi Simms, Vice President of Simms Development, believes that all homes, in some form or another, will eventually include all 6 of these features in every home built. The reason why Simms is doing this now, is simply to carry on the tradition of innovation and listening to the current demands of homeowner conveniences.

Simms is currently building in Centerville, OH , Lebanon, OH , Beavercreek, OH , and Springfield, OH and many more to come… Contact us today to learn more on how you can become a Simms Homeowner.

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