Thank you so much for the 40 under 40 recognition and support. Love what you are doing for our city – Keep it up!!

- Jonathan Kebede

I love having everything I need either within walking distance, or a 5 minute drive. Coming home (Parkside Row) from work without anything to do besides walking the dog around the pond, or grabbing my paper, a cigar, and sitting on the patio is awesome!

- Joe Rubey


Thanks so much for being part of our annual meeting. You helped make everything a great success.

More importantly, thanks for your continued support and investment in our downtown.

- Sandy Gudorf

Dear Robi,

Thank you so much for your time and consideration in showing your model and sharing your valuable perspective on the Dayton area housing market – So much appreciated.

All best wishes.

- Peter

To Charles Simms and Company,

Thank you so much for the thoughtfulness of sending the beautiful flowery plants to my husband Bob’s funeral. They are still alive and well in my ‘condo’. I am so grateful to be living here and part of such a caring Simms community.

- Chris Skebo

Here is the BOTTOM-LINE – about this particular builder:


I am compelled to share my home-buying experience because of this builder’s performance – throughout the entire home buying process and up to closing date. I hope this review could help others gains insight into what you might be working with for a new home.

Generally speaking, the purchasing of a new home was nothing short of a long process. The utmost importance for me and my family was to

(1) find a builder who was credible and
(2) had a long standing reputation we could rely on to make make the
home buying process a successful story.

Nonetheless, these were our first impression on this builder.

Open-house tour. We visited the model homes and met Robi who showed us the model and the townhouse complex. We found Robi to be patient, considerate, and did not try to push us into a sale. He focused on our needs and let us decide for ourselves if the place was a good fit for us.

Quality. The townhouse are relatively small compared to the standard single-family houses, but, they definitely provide much better quality then other builders. It made sense to us that it would be better to get a smaller place that had better quality, better neighborhood, then paying for a bigger house with low quality and questionable neighborhood.

Purchase Agreement. Approximately two weeks later, my wife and I decided to proceed and sign a purchase agreement with Charles Simms Development after thoroughly reviewing their purchase contract. We concurred with their terms and condition despite the $4,000 earnest fund required within a week from signing. The requirements made sense since the builder was putting a lot of money also to begin the building process.

Walk-through Inspection. We were impressed with the walk-though inspection after our unit was built. The builder does a walk though one week before closing to ensure the unit meets your expectation. They did not care how small or big your concern about any deficiencies you found during the walk through – The builder did in fact make sure everything meet your quality standards BEFORE closing AND during your 30 day re-inspection after closing.

With everything already said so far, I skipped a lot of steps, but I hope my review was enough to shine light into what you could reasonably expect working with this builder and the area.

- John M.

Our community is better thanks to your family’s commitment!

- Dan E.

Wonderful local builder who cares for his clients and produces quality work. I cannot say enough about how wonderful we were treated while building our dream home by the whole Simms Team!!! Thank you!

- Jessica S