JUNE IS HOMEOWNERSHIP MONTH: To Buy a New Home, Set Goals and Make a Plan!

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Visit Homearama 2015 – The Touring Edition – June 12-28!

Do you dream of owning your own home, but think that dream is out of reach? How do you get from, “I want to be a homeowner” to “Give me the keys!”?

Set a goal and make a plan!

Goals, to be effective, need to be specific, measurable, realistic, and time-targeted.

If you need to finance your new home purchase, you will need to make a down payment. On a tight budget, this task may seem overwhelming, but you can achieve this if you make a plan, stay on that plan no matter what, and stay motivated even when your plan seems to have gone awry. Here are some helpful tips you can use to make your goal of homeownership achievable.

Make a plan and write it down. On a piece of paper or on your phone/computer, compose a definitive statement that encompasses your down payment goal. Break down that goal by the amount you need to save weekly or monthly and set a goal date for being able to buy that new home. Putting your plan down on paper (or screen) makes it real. Take out the piece of paper, or pull up your goal on your screen, whenever you need a quick reminder and incentive to keep going.

Make some budget cuts. Saving for something as important as a new home is worth making some budget cuts, even if difficult. Take a look at all of your expenses. Some you cannot change – like monthly rent or a car payment. But, examine all those other expenses that do or could change – such as insurance policy premiums, cell phone bills, cable or high-speed internet. Do you eat out every night of the week? Cut back to two! Every little bit helps.

Know how to bounce back. So you spent too much on lunch with a friend. Get over it and get right back on track.

Look for ways to make extra money. Do you have skills/talents that you could use to bring in a few extra bucks?

Stay connected. Cutting back on expenses does not mean never going out, never using any gas, never going to movies or seeing your friends socially. But, make sure your friends and family know about your plan so they can support you while you are saving. Enlist their help to plan fun and free (or cheap) get-togethers.

Keep your eye on the prize. When your friends run off to the beach for their summer vacation, you may be tempted to join them and to chuck your plan. Remember, that vacation will be so much sweeter next year with a new set of house keys in your pocket!

As you dream of a new home, remember, at Charles Simms Development we help you with the process by being your one stop shopping experience! Plus, we help with your financing expenses!
• Simms pays your closing costs when you use our preferred lender!  
• Simms properties are approved for low FHA down payment loans and $0 down for VA loans!

Our professional sales representatives are ready when you are to guide you through the exciting process of owning a brand new home. Stop by one of our beautiful townhome communities today and get started on that goal of homeownership!

Parkside Row in Springboro, Ohio, is on the Homearama Tour, June 12 - 28, 2015

Parkside Row in Springboro, Ohio, is on The Homearama Tour –  June 12 – 28, 2015

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