How to Create a Pet-Friendly Simms Home

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From early morning walks to late-night hangouts and everything in between, there’s no one else you’d rather share your life with than “the one” (and by that we mean your pet, of course). There are so many reasons why your furry pal is your BFF, so it makes sense that you want them to be as happy in your home as you are.


Even if you’re on the same page about your designated spots on the couch during movie night, you probably don’t share the same feelings about the cleanliness of the couch. Don’t worry — we’re here with some helpful tips to turn your Simms Development home into the pet-friendly oasis that both you and your pet will love.


Hard Floor, Soft Heart: The rule of thumb for flooring is the harder the better. Tile is virtually scratch-proof, holds up well against even the firmest claws, and provides a cool surface for your pet to nap during hot days (cue the photoshoot). We use LVT, aka: luxury vinyl tile (AND LVP, aka: luxury vinyl plank), in many of our homes, which is waterproof, maintainable and very durable – the perfect match for any pet! If you’re a tried and true hardwood lover, we offer engineered hardwood which can be sanded down and refinished up to 3 times in its lifetime!


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Pet-Proof Patrol: One of the best ways to pet-proof your home is to see the world through their eyes. (Must be pretty paw-some, right?) Take note of what could potentially be dangerous in the different rooms of your home, especially in easily accessible areas. A few red flags include choking hazards like small children’s toys, food, medication, and trash. It’s also a good idea to ensure that any open window has a sturdy screen.


Clean-Up Station: Your pet is as active as you are, which means a “pet stop” near the back door in your kitchen will work wonders. Install shelves or a rack with hooks to organize leashes, doggie bags, towels, brushes, and all your other pet essentials, so that taking them out and cleaning them up is quick and easy. Plus, the more you groom your pet, the cleaner your home will stay.


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Personal Space: Don’t take it personally, but your pet might enjoy their own space too (cats, we’re looking at you)! Score some pet-parent points by creating a cozy space for your little friend to unwind and relax in whenever they want to. I mean, come on, the days of lounging and eating treats are long, right? A dog or cat bed, or even just a towel, surrounded by a water bowl and a few toys is all they’ll need to feel comfortable.


Prepare the Yard: Let’s face it… there’s almost nothing more enjoyable in life than running around with your pet in the backyard. Of course, all pets are different, but it goes without saying that a few precautions are universal, such as avoiding toxic plants like azaleas, daffodils, ivies, and buttercups. You can check out the ASPCA database for an extensive list of what to stay away from. If you’re looking to live in Beavercreek in our Cottages of Beavercreek community, get excited about our NEW dog park, the one and only in the area! You and your furry friend will love the outdoor bonding time together.


Simms Dog Park

When it comes to your best friend fur-ever, you want them to provide them with all of the love and care that they give you on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways for you to enhance your Simms Development home to make it even cozier for your pet. Say “bark” or “meow” to your pet for us!

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