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Home Design Trends 2019: Meet Sherri Lamar!

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At Simms Development, we know that how a home looks and feels significantly impacts an entire living experience. That’s why our model homes were specifically designed by someone who knows the invaluable importance of style and comfort in every inch of a home. 

Sherri Lamar, an experienced interior designer and owner of FabDiggity, has extensive experience with homes — during her marketing career, she worked closely with home builders and learned about the process of designing model homes. After marrying a land developer and designing his community’s first townhome model, she knew her unmatched knack for interior design could become a career. 

Sherri started her own business in 2013 and never looked back! Since then, she’s transformed countless homes (and countless homeowners’ lives). Our team found Sherri on Houzz and were so happy to have her design expertise and caring touch create the heart and soul of three of our model homes. For inspiration on current design trends, take a look at what Sherri has to say! 

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What work have you done with Simms Development?

We’ve been working together for four great years and I designed their Parkside Row, Monument Walk, and Savannah Place models! 

What were the top four design trends that went into the Savannah Place model? 

  1. Definitely the two-story fireplace because it created a more open feel and drama/focal point
  2. The iron railing instead of standard (very simple but unique)
  3. The brush gold plumbing we used throughout the home
  4. All of the wall features, which included white brick in the sunroom, shiplap, paint, and wallpaper. Charlie and the team were very open and allowed us the freedom to utilize some really great wall features that not many people are brave enough to consider. The results were just beautiful.

What are the up-and-coming design trends you’re anticipating for fall?

I believe that kitchens that focus on connectivity and openness will bloom. By incorporating furniture, the kitchen can become a part of (or even replace) the family living/gathering spot. I also think that kitchen design will focus on simplicity, meaning nothing on top of cabinets and even a “back kitchen,” where you put your toaster, vitamix, etc. with enough space to keep/grow vegetables if that’s a passion you are interested in!

What is your all-time design philosophy?

I want to create a space that reflects people’s personalities and that’s comfortable to live in!

All of us at Simms Development want to thank Sherri for the incredible work she continues to do with us. We’re so lucky to have someone like her to work with! For more information about our homes and communities throughout Dayton, please call 937-434-9009.

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